August blocks

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This month I am going to include instructions for three 6" blocks that can be used on their own or included in previous blocks. You may remember the May block

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Idyllic Iris

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I'm so happy to finally launch my latest color wash pattern this week. You may have seen the sneak previews last month.

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Free-hand Embroidery and Beading

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It always amuses me how one blog post leads to another. My recent post about how to make a knitting needle case sparked some added interest among quilters as the beading on the cover caught their eye. It's not something I teach in my free online class, just merely an extra feature added because I liked the effect!

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Knitting Needle Case extended

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Last week I posted about my sleeve inserts for the knitting needle case I made. This week I wanted to share some additions and adjustments that I've made over the last week to complete my case.

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How to make a Quilted Knitting Needle Case

Posted by on 28 July 2020 | 1 Comments

Many of you will already know about my free workshop at today I decided to use one of my project samples in another way. You see, recently I changed my style of knitting from English back to continental which was how I taught myself around the age of 7 but changed as a teenager to English style.

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A Simple Foundation Pieced Snowflake

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block7 Sedonas starWhile constructing last week's blog about Tricks and Tips for foundation piecing, I happened to be looking through EQ's block library and found a simple foundation pieced snowflake - perfect for my Christmas Block-a-thon. Actually it is the Sedona's Star block but I think it looks more like a snowflake myself so I printed out a foundation for a 6" block on paper ready to get started. Note: 6" blocks can be used in Anita's Christmas quilt too.

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Tips and Suggestions for Foundation Piecing Based on Mariner's Compass

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Recently, I've had a number of quilters ask me about foundation piecing.... in particular my Mariner's Compass pattern. I have this available as the full pattern with complete instructions and the templates only...... and also as an online workshop that includes a beginner's block and an advanced block.

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Colorful Poppy Embroidery

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A few weeks ago I made my pansy applique block as an embroidered block. This is how it looked....

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Working on a New Design

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I'm really excited about working on a new design although it is taking a little longer than inticipated with all that is going on lately! I decided though, that I should give you a sneak preview....

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June's Christmas Block

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block6For this month's block I used a 5" block from EQ8 and adjusted it to make it suitable for a 12" block. I'll use four different fabrics but you could easily make it scrappy if you wanted. Let's get started!

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