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With the pandemic around the world, it is time to make some changes to my online scheduled workshops and all the other scheduled workshops at As a team we have decided to take away the scheduled workshops and open them up so you can start any time instead of a set time. Today I thought I'd run through briefly which workshops they are for me....

Advanced bargello building

Advanced Bargello Building
based on my Bargello Blues pattern

Advanced Stained Glass

Advanced Stained Glass Applique
based on my Scarlet Rose pattern

Bargello Seasons

Bargello Seasons Beginner Designs
based on my 4 Bargello season quilts

Circular Bargello

Circular Bargello
based on my pattern Bargello Swirl

Getting Started with Quilt Art

Getting Started With Quilt Art
Moving from regular patchwork into modern designs

Stained Glass applique for beginners

Beginner's Stained Glass Applique based on my two patterns Stained Glass Sunflower and Stained Glass Poinsettia

still life

Still Life
Based on several still-life patterns

sunflowers at dawn

Sunflowers at Dawn
Based on my popular Simply Sunflowers pattern

 I have more online workshops too! But which of these are your favorite?

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