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Knowing what colors or fabrics to use when making a quilt is only part (but a very important part) of the way to creating a beautiful quilt. The rest comes in the creation, stitching, quilting and embellishing. Today I want to visit the quilting side of things, one of my favorite parts of quilt making.

Often it is difficult to come up with ideas for quilting but there is so much inspiration around us that it really shouldn't be difficult. Simply looking around we can get ideas from other design elements whether in nature or manmade. For example....

quilting idea lilyleaves

These leaves could be quilted as a singular design or a rotating spiral.

quilting idea scaffolding

And buildings or even scaffolding could create an interesting design - perhaps to fill in a corner where lines protruding outward fade away.

One of my favorite places to look for inspiration though is in the fabrics I use. Have you ever thought to create a quilting design from this?

quilting idea fabric1

It might look something like this...

quilting idea sample1

Or what about this fabric design?

quilting idea fabric2

That may work in several ways...

quilting idea sample2

This one is rather fun and could be used in several ways.

quilting idea fabric3

I've created a single butterfly - much more difficult to free form design, and a vine - easy to stitch at random and would create a great fill-in design.

quilting idea sample3

So will your next quilting design come from the fabric you use? Give it a try!

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