Zentangle Mushrooms - what a delight

Posted by Lee Vause on 18 June 2019 | 0 Comments

Just a little time out tangling a simple drawing trying to keep my drawing skills at a reasonable level while also promoting my brain activity!!!

Mushrooms Zen 300

Lee's Zentangle mushrooms

Not a fancy or complicated tangle pattern within but rather just taking the time (relaxing) while tangling a few lines and creating movement.

Did you know you can incorporate most of these tangle patterns in your quilting?

Patterns used are:

  • Amaze (stipple)
  • Static
  • Crescent Moon (modified)
  • MSST
  • Beadline

Oh, and a little shading was added to help create the tone and shape.

- Lee Vause

The above patterns and a whole lot more are taught in Lee's online workshop "A Zentangle Journey". This is a fun technique especially when you stitch them out. I think these mushrooms would be darling in stitches! Read more about Lee and her Zentangle workshops....


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