Christmas BOM - part 1 and part 2

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Last week I talked about fabrics to use for Anita's Christmas quilt and this week, I wanted to follow on with what is in the first two parts of this Block of the Month pattern.

Part One

This part includes the center block of our feathered star. The original block is an eight-pointed star that uses y-seam construction and templates - both are included in the pattern.

feathered star quilt center3 300

8-pointed star with diamond-shaped pieces (center of feathered star)

However, we know that not everyone likes to create y-seams so we have included a Saw Tooth block with instructions on how to make it fit the feathered star center so you can simply omit the y-seam joins. In fact, the instructions given will allow you to use any 12" star block. The Saw Tooth block can also be used as one of the border blocks.

Saw Tooth Star

Anita's Saw Tooth block

Part Two

This part includes the outer two blocks of the feathered star - that's the corner block and the side block.

Christmas BOM part2

Corner and Side blocks of Feathered Star

Making those feathers can be tricky as it is easy to sew a seam slightly skew-whiff. So for this reason, we have also included paper piecing templates so you can make sure those joins are perfect.

foundation pieced feathers

Foundation pieced option for feathers of Feathered Star block

Are you ready to join us as we create this beautiful Christmas quilt with the central Feathered Star as its feature?

Christmas quilt block of the month pattern

Christmas quilt block of the month pattern

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