Colors and How They Inspire Us

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How are you coming along with your challenge piece? I'd love to see it. Unfortunately here in New Zealand, we have ended back up in lockdown so things are rather topsy turvy at the moment and I'm just not getting as much done as I'd like to so today I thought I'd share some thoughts on color and show you what Jennifer has created for her challenge, then next week I will hopefully be finished mine to show you all.

So what's Jennifer been up to? Here are the blocks she made. You can see the three small blocks sitting on top of her large block which is fabric - one of the options I gave you. She has pulled the colors from the main block to create the first colorful block. You can see she has used both warm and cool colors as well as some neutrals and strategically placed them to give the best look.

jennifers challenge blocks

Jennifer's blocks

I'm thinking some general color theory was behind her thoughts. In fact, some years back I wrote a short lesson on color theory and shared it on my website and this might be the opportune moment to refresh our thoughts on complementary colors as well as those warm and cool color ideas. I often look at the fabric color wheel I made for inspiration.

color wheel 2

My fabric color wheel

Knowing about the color wheel and its colors can certainly help when choosing fabrics for a quilt. Warm and cool colors can also have an impact on our decision. If you would like to read the full article I wrote about color, you can find it here: Color and Quilting

I think that short article is a great place to start but if you really want to get some background knowledge and practice on color, I can highly recommend Elizabeth Barton's online workshop The Color Course. She covers every color topic along with specific exercises to help you absorb the new knowledge you will gain. It's definitely a fun and learning-filled class.

the color course

Elizabeth Barton's Color Course

And back to Jennifer's challenge blocks.... She has decided to do something quite different with her quilt piece.... you can read about it here: Jennifer's blog post

Hopefully next week I can present my finished quilt, but if not, I had the idea of checking in on Anita and seeing what she's been up to - I hear there might be a new scrap quilt in the making!

Right now I'm off to start the quilting, any idea what I might do? Remember I need to add 3 different techniques or ideas. I have 2 in mind but not sure about the third. Check back soon to find out what I end up doing.

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