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I've been busy creating new animal blocks for Autism Awareness. My autistic son helps me by doing the initial drawing and then I line draw it into applique pieces and create the actual pattern and block. Previously we've worked on mostly sea or water critters but this year we have moved to land animals and the first up is a giraffe. Here is it cut out and ready to stitch.

giraffe ready to stitch

Giraffe ready to stitch

I've decided that I'll use blanket stitch applique which I think is very appropriate for kids' blocks in quilts - which these no doubt will be. I do like the way blanket stitch edges the applique however it isn't as quick as my free-motion technique even with stitching around every raw edge twice which is what I do. But overall, it's more robust and sturdy for children.

giraffe blanket stitch

Blanket Stitch Applique

I've used just 4 fabrics including the background and 4 different threads so not complicated at all.

giraffe threads

threads for giraffe

... and the head can be positioned upward or straight with the giraffe looking either left or right simply by using the reverse side of the pattern.

giraffe options

head can be straight or upward

Although I've used a 10" block for mine, it can easily be 12" or more.... or even rectangular if you want. I could also add a leaf or two to the top corner as though the giraffe is eating from a tree. How much fun is that?

I did use free-motion to stitch around the nostril just because it was so small and I used it again to stitch the end of the tail, mouth, and eyelashes.

Here's my finished block and it is already available on my website!

I only managed to get one block finished and another started, but still have a bit more to do. Check my website to see when it arrives and all the other animals (currently on special for Autism Awareness month)

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