Stained Glass Applique

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Stained Glass applique is a really fun way to applique and can be really fast using store-bought bias. I've made a number of quilts using this method - one of my favorite being Scarlet Rose.

I have 5 other stained glass patterns including those for beginners.

A few weeks ago, I had a question about the overlay of the bias in the corner points of the border - it was a very valid question that I thought I would share with you.

"Where the strips cross at the corner of the window, I assume I iron the 2nd piece straight over the top of the 1st one I put down?  Is this right?"

christmas poinsettia corner

corner crossover

The answer to this and why is:

"Yes, you are correct. Simply place it directly over top of the first piece. This will help keep the line straight.... sometimes when they are cut, they can move out of line which is very noticeable especially on straight black lines."

I'd also like to add here, sometimes they do need to be cut depending on the pattern. In this case, I use a metal ruler (so it isn't damaged by the iron) to align the bias next to so it keeps it as straight as possible.

Wendy, the lady who asked the question, had recently purchased Colorful Callas and was new to stained glass applique but was pretty 'chuffed' by the result. She found the perfect spot to hang it in her kitchen where she can admire it from afar. I think Wendy can be very pleased with herself, don't you?

wendys colorful callas

Wendy's Colorful Callas quilt

Her quilt is delightful and it urges me to get a new stained glass applique design underway. If you'd like to try it, I've added some useful links below for the various patterns and workshops I have. 

Colorful Callas pattern

A very basic stained glass applique pattern, Lilium

All my stained glass applique patterns

A beginners workshop for stained glass applique (includes 2 patterns)

An advanced workshop for stained glass applique (rose design)

....and remember to add the code "20years" if enrolling in a workshop to get 15% off - for a limited time only.


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