Quilter's Knot - starting and ending hand applique

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Hand Applique Continued: We all need to know how to knot a thread so it won't pull through the fabric. For this I use what is known as the quilter's knot. It's the easiest knot I know of and it works perfectly everytime I make it. I think I show it best in a video, but first let me briefly say in words what I do.

Hold the threaded needle in one hand between thumb and finger. Place the end of the thread that you want to knot, over the top of the needle, holding it there with your thumb. With your free hand, wrap the thread around the needle 3-4 times. The wraps should be close to your thumb holding the needle. Hold them firmly while you pull the needle through your thumb and finger until the thread it tight. Trim the end if needed.

A quilter's knot

This tiny knot can now be buried under the applique shape and not seen.

To end off your thread, make a stitch as usual but thread the needle through the loop it forms before pulling it up tight.

Catch the loop with the needle

Pull it up gently

until its tight

Do this at least twice making the stitches close together. I then run the end of the thread along the edge of the applique shape where it will be covered by another shape. Alternatively, you can take it through to the back and do a few running stitches underneath being careful they don't show on the right side.

finish off with a few running stitching along the edge

 Tomorrow I will show you had to hand applique a neat circle.

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