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We are back to Level 2! When I first wrote about lockdown back in March, we were in Level 3 heading quickly into Level 4. Level 4 was hard. Basically we had to stay home, kids were home, adults were home, everyone was home. There was no going out unless we absolutely needed to and only for medical or groceries, and then if you went to the grocery store, only 1 person was allowed in per household.... And there was literally no online shopping either which really made it tough. You couldn't get anything when it came to sewing or crafting supplies... and not even any stationery supplies for the kids. Fortunately, there was a limited supply available through the grocery stores so things like coloring pencils, copy paper, and the likes were picked up there. Level 4 went on for 4.5 weeks and they seemed very long weeks. I went nowhere!

What did I do? Saying I went slightly crazy is an understatement, but here are some of the things that went on....

The biggest change for me was helping my daughter with homeschooling my 4yr and 8yr old granddaughters. It was actually fun working with them, but oh so exhausting. We did do lots of interesting things but I think the best was helping them with sewing. Amy started out with making her doll some clothes and once we got to Level 3 when we could start online shopping, we were able to buy fabric for both girls to make skirts.

the girls

New Skirts

I worked on a number of other crafts as well as my quilting but I found it was extremely hard to focus on one thing for any length of time. Still, each morning I was up at 5 to get work done so I was ready for homeschooling in the afternoons. I did put together my quilt Flower Garden - nothing too detailed - I found it easier to work with what I already had..... unused flower blocks.

The mix of colors certainly relates to the mix of emotions going on at the time!

Other crafts involved knitting. I finished a jersey and a shawl that I'd started pre lockdown, but in level 3, undid the entire jersey to start over. I did succeed in making my first ever socks - something I've wanted to do for a while. I call them my lockdown socks.


My hand knitted socks

I decided that I should change my knitting style back to continental knitting that I'd self-taught myself as a kid. I had soon changed to the English style and have been knitting that way for more than 30 years, but now I want to knit faster and in learning this technique again, correctly this time I might add, I started a few more projects.

knitting projects

More knitting projects

I also started a new spinning project and even attempted dyeing some wool, just because.... and for no other reason!


A new spinning project

dyed wool

My wool dyeing

At one point, I rearranged my whole office and likewise for my bedroom to make more space! Yes, I was feeling a bit claustrophobic. I think one of the hardest things I found was keeping focused on any one thing at a time, not to mention keeping the kids focused.... so quick things with less thought, seemed to work best. Other annoyances were canceling trips I had booked (visits to my grandchildren, daughter, my mother for her 86th birthday, sister, and my nephew's 21st), restrictions on medication (pharmacies could only supply us with 1 month at a time), and out of stock grocery items.... Yet, I didn't seem to escape putting on a few extra kilos! 

Today I see both girls off to school and my daughter is back at work. I feel much more focused but somewhat hesitant to breathe out that big sigh of relief as I watch what happens in our country over the next couple of weeks. As of today, we have 36 active cases in the country and only 3 in our county. There has only been 2 new cases in the last 8 days. We are all hoping these numbers continue to drop, but I'm sure, many are expecting a second surge may come. For me, I'd like to get back on track... start designing new quilts and continuing with those already started. I was thinking about my journal this morning, but I just do not know where to go with it..... which is a great summary of how this lockdown has been, don't you think? Instead, I'm considering a new color wash flower quilt perhaps using the colors of these Hoffman Fabric watercolors for the background..... flowers are still to be thought about.

Hoffman fabric watercolors

Hoffman Fabric watercolors

What will your next quilt be?

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