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I'm struggling to work on my journal each day so some days might just be recording or nothing at all as I take on my new additional role of helping with homeschooling my granddaughters.... and although this can be fun and rewarding, it is also draining and tiring.... and that's on a good day!

I did continue with my second journal.... As much as I like being creative with various media, there is nothing that is more enjoyable than stitching in my mind.... and because I felt the need to actually sew, I layered this page so I could quilt some areas....

The first thing I added was a graduation hat to represent education.


Then I stitched the 2 painted designs mindlessly and added some dates to show the growing number of cases now in New Zealand.

Jounal2 stitching

I have to say, I really like the top design and feel I could develop that into something. Here it is close up...

design idea

More thoughts are needed for sure. If you can add any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

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