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[edit: I started this almost a week ago but only posting it now!] One week of lockdown - where did that go?  Yet it seems months already that we have been in this state, but it's only one week! My daughter summed up the feeling I was also having nicely with her words...

meh meh meh

It's so like that! There are so many things to do but the mind feels tired, strained, and drained!

Stitching helps to relax - for me anyway - so I made a new journal page and stitched the shape (or not) of a brain. Left logical, right creative, right?


I think I'll add more to this, but not sure what yet.... maybe just words. In the meantime, I want to share some journal pieces made by Virginia.

"Below is my first entry for my “journal journey.”  I started with the X and expanded it some.  Tweety Bird and Sylvester came to mind too.  The block is 6” x 6” on a 9” x 9” premium bleached Muslim fabric (white) with stabilizer.  I machine stitched the outline of the quilt.  I plan to use this pattern in my journal."


"I spent all day with this instead of cleaning; it is so interesting to put thoughts down in this manner.  I wanted to send warmer thoughts this time.  Maryland is at the beginning of this crisis and if we ALL do our part maybe we can make a difference and give more time for a vaccine.  I hand appliquéd the center."


I love what you are doing.... Thanks for sharing Virginia!

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