52 Flower Blocks

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52 Flower Blocks is a lot of blocks and a lot of work, but I enjoyed making each and every one of them. Each block first had to be drawn and then templates were drawn on the computer for both the layout and all individual pieces. Dotted lines were added for overlays and stitching guidelines. All pieces were also labelled accordingly. That alone was time consuming and the process of constructing the flower block hadn't even begun.

After the first draft of templates were made, I printed out the page and set about selecting fabrics. Some needed many, others not so many. Once decided I draw all the templates onto fusible, pressing the fusible onto the fabric and cutting it out. I kept to white-on-white backgrounds for all the blocks. Some of the flowers that had many parts were constructed individually first on a Teflon Sheet before adding to the background, while others I just placed in numeric order.

Now with all sections in place, I layered my block with batting and backing and then selected suitable threads. I love free-motion! I stitch around all the pieces twice using a darker thread to define each petal in most cases. In some blocks I used 10 or more different threads.

Once the creation was finished, there was still more to do. I wrote the instructions and put them into a pattern template, made any adjustments to the templates and added those and then uploaded it to the website, made a new page and wrote a blog post, whew. That's a lot of work. This is what I did every week for a year.

After the end of this year, the BOW program will no longer be available, but the individual blocks will still be available to purchase from our website.

The first flower of every month are shown below. Click the links on the left to see all the individual flowers and their respective blog posts.

Here are my 52 flower blocks:


1: Pansy: Friday Flower Pansy  and   Pansy continued 

2: Primula: Primula Blog post

3: Arctotis: Arctotis in pink and Arctotis continued

4: Sweet Peas: Sweet Peas Blog post


5: Anemone: February's first flower Anemone

6: Rose: Valentine Rose and Rose colorings

7: Marigold: Friday's 7th flower

8: Orchid: February's last flower


9: Manuka: March 1st

10: Poppy: Poppies come in many colors

11: Petunia: Petunia Blog post

12: Aquilegia: The real name for Granny Bonnet

13: Morning Glory: Morning Glory blog post


14: Tulip: First Flower for April

15: Daffodil: Another Spring Flower

16: Fuchsia: Fuchsia Flower

17: Iris: Purple Iris


18: Clematis: May's First Flower

19: Gladiolus: Spring Flower

20: Calla Lily: Beautiful Lily

21: Dianthus: Friday Flower Dianthus

22: Sunflower: Sunflower Blog Post


23: Wisteria: Wonderful Wisteria

24: Livingstone Daisy: Livingstone Daisy Blog Post

25: Dahlia: Dahlia Blog Post

26: Malva: Malva blog Post


27: Black-eyed Susan vine: Blog Post

28: Cyclamen: Pink Cyclamen

29: Lupin: Lupin Blog Post

30: Daisy: Daisy in Blue


31: Gazania: Gazania Flower

32: Cosmos: Cosmos Blog post

33: Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum also known as mum

34: Bird of Paradise: Blog Post

35: Rhododendron: Rhododendron Blog


36: Cornflower: Cornflower Blog post

37: Snowdrop: Spring Snowdrop

38: Freesia: Freesia Blog post

39: Digitalis: Also known as Foxgloves


40: Helenium: Known as Sneeze Weed

41: Geranium: Pretty in Warm colors

42: Grape Hyacinth: Childhood favorite

43: Agapanthus: Also known as African Lily


44: Hydrangea: Blue Hydrangea

45: Aster: Bright Colorful Asters

46: Begonia: Beautiful Begonia

47: Hibiscus: Hibiscus Blog

48: Buttercup: Buttercup Blog


49: Poinsettia: Christmas Poinsettia

50: Tulipa Agenensis: Blog Post

51: Sparaxis: Color bulb

52: Tiger Lily: Blog Post


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  • Ruth, these flowers are beautiful. I love the detail you put in each one. when do you sleep?

    Posted by Barbara Frohne, 22/07/2015 6:18pm (5 years ago)

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