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Posted by Ruth on 1 February 2013 | 2 Comments
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February's flowers start out with an Anemone. There are approximately 120 species of Anemone and according to the Oxford English Dictionary, Greek anemone means "daughter of the wind" so often they are known as "windflower".

They come in many different colors. Mostly I have seen purple, pink, blue, white and red with either black/dark or yellow centers. The photo I took of one in my mother's garden is a pale purple in color with a dark center.

I believe Anemones can vary in the amount of petals each flower has, but I based my design on six petals as shown in the photo and I made mine in pinks and purple shades.

I really like the leaves on Anemones. The photo doesn't show the leaf which is unusual because I usually make a point of also photographing it. Fortunately, I know how they look from another quilt I made.

I think the trickiest part on this design was cutting the leaf out. For fusible applique, I didn't want to cut along the lines where the sections overlap which meant I needed to remove the small inner section. There is an easy trick to this.

After the leaf is cut out around the edges, I fold it through the center of the section I want to remove and make a small snip being very careful not to snip too far. Watch the other side too.

I can then unfold it and poke the point of the scissors through the hole and proceed with cutting out that section. Small pointed scissors do make the job easier.

I cut each flower as one whole, but I've included individual petals in the template for the pattern. This is especially helpful for those stitching by hand. After everything is cut out and pressed to the background, I go ahead and select my threads, then on with the stitching - my favorite part.

Stitching is straight forward - it is done as I have for all the previous flowers except for the center where I have used a free-motion zigzag. This is much like the free-motion zigzag I used and demonstrated on video for my poppy stems a few days ago.

You can see how much better it looks once it is stitched when you compare the two anemones in the photo below. The purple one looks much more realistic with the stitching added.

Here's my finished Anemone block.

For more information on where to purchase the templates for this block, you can find it on my website: Anemone Block 

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  • Ruth, these flowers are absolutely incredible. I LOVE each and every one of them. Thank you SO much for both the pattern, and more so, for your comments. I adore your artistry!

    Posted by Connie Buckley, 16/02/2013 12:31pm (9 years ago)

  • Love the leaf shape as well - very interesting.

    Posted by Jen, 02/02/2013 7:35am (9 years ago)

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