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The real name for a buttercup is Ranunculus. The buttercup is known for its yellow color and it was believed once that its color came from butter - not true of course. I remember as a young girl rubbing buttercups on the palms of others and telling them if it left a yellow mark, it meant that person liked butter. I don't know where that notion came from, but after doing some research I had to giggle to myself when I read that this game wasn't just in my neighborhood, it appears it was quite commonly used all around the world in a similar way.

I didn't have a photo of a buttercup but I found one on wikipedia. Just love this closeup with the water drops on it.

My block has five flowers. Each flower has five petals which are all made as one section, however if using needle turn applique it would be easier to create individual petals. On each flower I included what I refer to as a stitching pad in the center. It helps guide my stitching and it covers the inner sections of the petals so they don't show through the stitching. If you look closely in the photo below, you can just see it showing through.

As you can see, I have completely covered the stitching pad with my free-motion stitching.

It depends where the small center (pale yellow-green section in the middle) is placed as to how the stitching is done. Compare this smaller buttercup below with the one in the photo above.

You can see in my finished block, how the veins stitched in the leaves make a big difference and bring them to life.


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