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Posted by Ruth on 6 September 2013 | 1 Comments

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I remember as a young girl seeing dried cornflowers everywhere I went practically. The color was always vibrant as if it had just been picked. Cornflowers have such a beautiful color in their orginal form, almost an electric blue. Stunning for sure. You can also see them in other colors but nothing compares in my opinion.

Since I didn't have my own photo I used the free to share cornflower image from wikipedia. You can see how the color in this closeup is just magnificant.

I used two blue fabrics to create my flowers and the same shaped petal to build three flowers in my block. The top one was looking side on.

For the centers I used a free-form zigzag. You might see it better in this closeup.

My finished block looks like this.

You can download the pattern for this Cornflower block here: Cornflower block Download

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  • Ruth, I have SO enjoyed ALL of your flowers! Thank you!

    Posted by Connie, 12/09/2013 12:20pm (8 years ago)

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