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Today's flower block is another spring flower. Daffodil flowers are trumpet-shaped set on a star arrangement of petals. They come in shades of yellow and white. Usually the trumpet is a different shade than the petals. I love seeing these flowers in spring. It is a sure sign that warmer weather is upon us.


More Daffodils

Daffodils also include the cluster-flowered yellow Jonquils and White Narcissi which I believe are these photos I took some years back when living in Redwood Valley.




Today I created my daffodil block using one yellow fabric for the main part of the flower but fussy cutting it so the back petals were light and the trumpet dark. I used this fabric.

Fabric used for flower

Fussy cutting means to be fussy at where each section is cut from. Here you can see how I have positioned the back petals in the lightest areas of the fabric.

Petals placed on light sections of the fabric

It looks quite a lot lighter on the back of the fabric so I check the front before pressing the sections on.

By fussy cutting I can create the daffodil from one fabric where the colors blend perfectly. I used a slightly different color for the inside of the trumpet.


I used bright lush greens for the leaves. These look great with the bright yellow of the flowers. Here is my finished block.

Daffodil Block

You can download this daffodil pattern on our website: Daffodil Block

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