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Fuchsias are my very favorite flowers. They grow on shrubs or small trees and there is over 100 recognized species around the world. An unusual genus in New Zealand (named Kotukutuku - don't ask me how to say that!) grows on a tree 12-15 meters high (39-49 feet).

Below are two photos of New Zealand fuchsias.


More Fuchsias

I don't know what it is exactly that I love about this flower, maybe that it is just so different than anything else.

Fuchsias come in combinations of red and white, pink and white, pink and purple and purple and white or two shades of the same. They can also be double or single. The photos above are single. The double fuchsia have a lot more lower petals.

For my block I used two shades of pink. I made each of the three flowers in my block individually on a Teflon sheet first as you can see in the series of photos below.

Pieces for flower ready to construct

The Teflon sheet is on top of the template and you can easily see where each piece needs to be positioned. In the pattern, each section is labelled alphabetically on the flower so construction is straight forward.

Section A added

Section B next

Section C

It's like a jigsaw puzzle of pieces or paint by numbers.

Section D

Section E is the last dark piece

It is fun watching it grow with each new section added.

Section F

Section G is the last piece

Now the whole fuchsia flower will easily lift off the Teflon sheet and can be adhered to the background in numeric order with all the other sections. Of course, it doesn't look complete without the stamen added.

My block looks like this after the stitching is completed.

Fuchsia Block completed

If you'd like to download this block and templates, you can find them here: Fuchsia Block.

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  • One of my favourite flowers as well. I use to have hanging pots of them on my deck in Yellowknife

    Posted by Jen, 19/04/2013 6:03pm (7 years ago)

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