Friday Flower Gazania

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This week's flower is one I just love, I think because it comes in so many wonderful colors. I chose yellow and orange to make my gazania. Gazania are quite similar to arctotis but are easily recognized by their green leaves whereas arctotis have silvery grey leaves. I captured some shots of gazanias with my camera.

I love how the inner color of each petal is dark near the center and fades out to no color at all. I found a fabric in my stash that worked perfectly for this and it was just the right color. I fussy cut each petal section careful, however it is a little difficult to see that in my flower below.

Each flower in my block has 14 petals of two colors and two center pieces. I used a free-motion zigzag to stitch the inner section.

My finished block looks like this.

You can download the pattern for this Gazania block here: Gazania Block

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