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This week's flower is a lupin - it's real name Lupinus. A few years back I managed to capture some beautiful lupins in bloom while traveling through the Arthur's Pass (mountain pass from west to east in the South Island of New Zealand). Although some may think the mountains are overrun with these flowers, I thought they made a beautiful scene.


Check out the star like leaves in this photo. Very unique to this plant.

This is my favorite. I wanted to capture the mountains in the background. One day I might even make a full quilt of this.

Lupins in Arthur's Pass

Today however, I am just making a block. I decided to have two flowers, one purple and one pink, but they could easily be both made in just one color. I used six different colors for each plus a purplish grey for the stem.

I use a free-motion stitch to stitch around each of the 80 pieces twice, but sped it up by dragging the thread across from one petal to the next without cutting it. When I've finished one colored thread, I go back and snip off all those threads. This speeds up the work tremendously.

dragging the thread speeds up the stitching work

My finished block looks like this.

My finished Lupin block

You can download the pattern for this Lupin block here: Lupin Block Download

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