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Posted by Ruth on 15 February 2013 | 2 Comments

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I remember as a little girl always seeing Marigolds. Their bright golden orange colors were always easy to spot and recognise. They were probably a common site in gardens because they are hardy and easy to grow, not to mention bright and colorful. After reading a little about them, I understand they are also a natural ointment for inflammation of the skin and an excellent cosmetic remedy for repairing minor skin damage. Another reason for being a popular flower in gardens I'm sure.

Marigolds certainly make wonderful displays as you can see in the two photos below. In the first Marigolds fill a central road island and in the second they are displayed in a hanging basket.

My Marigold block has two flowers. I've used two different ways to create them. The larger flower is created in layers of fabric where each petal is made up of both yellow and orange fabric, the orange slightly smaller to get the effect of a lighter edge around each petal.

The smaller flower is made completely with orange fabric, but all the stitching is done in yellow to outline the petals.

I love the uniqueness of the leaves on Marigolds. It took longer to position these than the actual flower itself. I stitched in the center stem of each leaf to finish the block.

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  • Is there no limit to your talent? Those are beautiful.

    Posted by Elaine, 17/02/2013 9:25am (7 years ago)

  • Now that's just plain GORGEOUS!!!

    Posted by Elaine, 17/02/2013 8:47am (7 years ago)

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