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Friday is going to be dedicated to flowers. One of my favorite quilting adventures is to create flowers in appliqlue techniques so this Friday marks the beginning of a series of applique flowers I'm going to be creating. With copyright issues a big thing, I prefer not to use other photographs or images to create my designs. Instead I take my own photos. It is often easier this way because then I can get exactly the right image I want.

I took the following photos of pansies in my mothers garden recently. I have always loved pansies but for some reason never used them to make a quilt.

I love the colors of these flowers, so bright and vibrant.

From the photos I can sketch the applique shapes. I simplify the edges a little. You do not want it too complex. Then once I have the general outline I darken it with a Sharpie pen. This makes the lines visible on the back of the paper so I don't have to reverse it when it comes to tracing it onto the fusible webbing.

The photos also inspire me in choosing the fabrics too. I've collected some from my stash to work with.

Drawings and fabric for my pansies

Next I transfer the pieces onto fusible, extending the edges of the pieces underneath to make the fabrics overlap. This is so the background has no chance of showing through. Remember, the pieces need to be reversed when using fusible webbing.

Templates look like this

I arranged the first flower onto the background fabric in numeric order and pressed it in place.

My first pansy

I then added a little stitching to the center for extra detail. The actual applique stitching is yet to be done.

Add a few lines of stitching

You can download the template for this one here. Today it is free for you.
 Template Download

Now it's time to make the other two pansies. Here's what they look like.

Three pansies without stitching

Tomorrow we will look at some stitching and further templates. This will form our first flower block so be sure to tune in again.



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