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Posted by Ruth on 15 March 2013 | 2 Comments

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My mother sent me a photo of a petunia (shown below) so of course I needed to make a petunia block. After doing a little research online I found plenty of petunia photos, mostly in pinks and purples but also blue and red among other colors. The red with white look really cool. Apparently most are hybrids developed for specific reasons. 

Petunia in Mum's garden

I was surprised to read that these flowers are closely related to tobacco, tomatoes, potatoes and deadly nightshades of all things. They originate from Argentina  Their trumpet shaped flowers are popular bedding flowers and make a delightful display.

I decided to make my block in two shades of purple with bright leaves.

Petunia applique

I love how the dark inner section comes up through the center of the petal. I used stitching to extend the dark fabric section as it can be quite difficult to cut pieces that skinny.

My finished block has three full flowers and one budding flower ready to open.

Petunia Block

You can download this petunia pattern on our website: Petunia Block

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  • That's beautiful. You have such a talent for this Ruth, it's stunning.

    Posted by Elaine, 16/03/2013 8:41am (8 years ago)

  • We always had petunias in the garden when I was growing up - they are very hearty plants.

    Posted by Jen, 16/03/2013 6:35am (8 years ago)

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