Friday Flower Snowdrop

Posted by Ruth on 13 September 2013 | 0 Comments

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The 1st of September is Spring in the Southern Hemisphere so what better way to include a spring flower for September. This week I have a snowdrop. You can see where they get their name!

My sister sent me a few photos of some snowdrops flowering by her garden gate.

Some closeups of the flowers.

The white flowers are quite tiny so I made them a little larger in my block to make them show better. I also used a pale green thread around each to help distinguish the lines. I used a green fabric pen to add highlights too.

This block went together very easily. The only difficult thing about it were the tiny pieces of stems at the top of two flowers. Here is my finished block.

You can download the pattern for this Snowdrop block here: Snowdrop block Download 

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