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Posted by Ruth on 25 January 2013 | 2 Comments

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Friday is here again and I have another flower block ready for you. This week it is a Sweet Pea. Not only do I love the beautiful colors that sweet peas come in (mainly purples, pinks and reds) but I love the way they spread their tendrils grabbing onto whatever is available for them. They can grow over 6 feet high if they have suitable support.

The sweet peas in the photos I took, are not nearly that high, but you can see some of the beautiful colors.


To make my block I selected red and pink fabrics to work with.

After all the shapes were added to the background, I used my favorite silver quilters pencil to draw in the tendrils before layering.

I selected several threads - two pinks, a red and two greens. I then proceeded with the stitching. The light green was used for highlights such as veins on the leaves and the tendrils.


My finished block looks like this.

You can purchase this block pattern for $4.95 here: Individual Sweet Pea pattern. Collect a new one every week. If you missed any of the previous weeks, you can find them all here Flower collection

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  • The Sweet Peas are adorable and the colors are beautiful.

    Posted by Peggy Schuld, 16/01/2014 11:39pm (7 years ago)

  • I love seeing the wild sweet pea climbing up the eastern cedars at the cottage, my absolute fave. Gorgeous flower block Ruth, your talents astound.

    Posted by Elaine, 26/01/2013 8:37am (8 years ago)

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