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With spring just around the corner in the northern hemisphere I thought this flower was an obvious choice. According to my reading online tulips are the most popular spring flowers of all time and the third most popular over all after roses and chrysanthemums. An even more interesting fact about tulips is apparently the bulb is a good replacement for onions in cooking - a little expensive I would say, but I guess if you cannot get to the store, then maybe a good solution.

Tulips come in many colors, pink, red, purple, yellow, orange and everything in between. Some come in two shades too. There are around 100 species and over 3000 different varieties of cultivated tulips according to

A number of years ago I received a bouquet of flowers from my daughter for mother's day. It had some beautiful purple tulips in it. I didn't think to take photos of them until they were losing their brilliance but they still remind me of that beautiful bouquet and they helped me design today's block.

Tulips from my bouquet

Tulip closeup

Tulip closeup looking inside

I decided a red tulip was what I wanted just like in this photo.

Red tulips

My block was easy and went together very quickly. It would be easy to add additional tulips if you wanted, but one on its own with two lush leaves was all I felt this block needed.

Red tulip block

You can download this tulip pattern on our website: Tulip Block

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