Friday Flower Tulipa Agenensis

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I was looking for the Star of David flower which is supposedly another Christmas flower. I had a hard job finding information about it online. While looking at these really pretty flowers I found a Star of David Tulip (as it was referred to) which I decided was even prettier and thus, is this week's flower. It's real name is Tulipa Agenensis and as it happened, I really could not find a lot of information about this either other than it is a bulb plant and from the lily family (Liliaceae). After more research I discovered it listed as a subgenus tulip. The name Tulipa Agenensis, according the to wikipedia is also known as Eyed Tulip. 

This photo of the Tulipa Agenensis is from the Wikimedia Commons which I only discovered today.

Tulip agenensis ZE

So this is the flower of today. I drew my block with three flowers. I used several green fabrics including this striped green which I cut the stems from.

Green striped fabric (watermelon)

I positioned the stems so the light was on the right side and the dark on the left side. The picture looks reversed but remember you're pressing the fusible on the wrong side of the fabric so you are looking at the back.

Stems positioned to create shading

Here is how the front side looks. You can see how there will be a slight shading along the right side of the stems. This will make them appear much more dimensional. The same thing can be achieved with stitching and/or painting.

Stems cut out

I used a yellow embroider thread to free-motion zigzag around the black.

Single flower

My finished block looks like this.

Tulipa Agenensis block

You can download the pattern for this Tulipa Agenensis block here: Tulipa Agenensis Download

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