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Posted by Ruth on 22 February 2013 | 1 Comments
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Orchids come in many shapes and colors. I have collected a few photos from different areas just so you can see.

I based my orchid design on the last photo. It includes five orchid flowers and several leaves, however because of the white background on my blocks I changed the white petals to mauve. 

I kept all the flowers the same color, as you would see on one stem so it was important to define the edges with stitching so you can tell where one petal stops and another starts.

Defining the petals with stitching

For this design, I added a fine silky thread in white around the bottom petal which makes it appear as a rim and three-dimension. It is the finishing touches that really makes these flower come to life.

Highlighted edge

My finished block looks like this:

Orchid Block

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  • Looks fantastic Ruth. Such cheery bright colours.

    Posted by Jen, 26/02/2013 6:04pm (9 years ago)

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