An In Depth Look At “A Freshness Of Spring” – Part 3

Posted by Ruth on 12 January 2011 | 3 Comments

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If you have been following along you will have read our previous blog post about my "A Freshness of Spring" quilt. Just in case you missed the two earlier posts, here are links back to them.

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Alternative Ideas for this quilt pattern

I find many quilters asking me for alternative ways of making up the background to display the daisies on. For this particular design, there are a number of different ways you can do this. You could simplify the background by using strips instead of squares.

Striped pieced background

Use stripes to make up the background

For a Strip Background: You will need NINE 2 1/2" strips of fabric for this. Join them in the desired order and then cut them to size as specified in the pattern before adding the borders.

Another idea is to use one full piece of fabric for the background and not have it pieced at all. It is ideal to use something that will contrast the daisies. A scene view might look nice even.

Solid background

Use a solid piece of fabric for the background

Solid Background: One piece of fabric is all that is required. It should be cut to 20 1/2" x 18 1/2". Add borders before adding the applique.

With both these ideas, there will be no small triangles (used for extra leaves and mountains) however you can simply add stitching to replace these or add extra applique leaves around the flower area.

Enlarging the Quilt

As you will see from many of my floral designs, they are wall hanging size. This prompts another question asked by quilters. "How can this quilt be enlarged to fit a bed?" Although I haven’t made a bed sized quilt from this pattern, I can still imagine how I would make it and offer ideas to help you.

Pieced borders seem fitting so I set out a display of 5½” squares around the quilt. I know you must have a lot of those 5½” charm squares so why not use them here? It's a good way to use them up. To make them fit however, we will need to add a 1” border to both the top and bottom edges. The best way to do this is by cutting the original borders at 1” larger than what is stated in the pattern. You will need 24 charm squares to go completely around the outside.

Add a pieced border around the outside

Use 5 1/2" charm squares to add a pieced border

To extend the length of the quilt, add two plain 10” (cut 10 ½”) borders to top and bottom. You can use a decorative fabric for this or a plain fabric adding more applique flowers on it , using the templates provided in the pattern. The picture below shows how I use a 5" plain border and another row of charm squares to make up the 10" border.

More borders and applique enlarge the design

Add extra borders, charm blocks and applique

If you finish off the quilt with a 1” border and then add a 4” border before binding off, your quilt will measure 50” x 70”. Further borders can be added to make it larger if desired.

You can find more details about how to purchase "A Freshness of Spring" by clicking here >>

Happy Quilting!


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  • Love this design and this extension for use as a bed quilt. Just makes quilting a little more real.

    Posted by Jo, 13/01/2011 11:12pm (9 years ago)

  • I love the last one with the extra borders and daisies on it. Looks great.

    Posted by Jen, 12/01/2011 3:47am (9 years ago)

  • I love how simple additions make this quilt so different to what you started with.

    Posted by Amanda, 12/01/2011 2:50am (9 years ago)

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