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It's definitely time for another blog challenge but this blog challenge is going to be a little different because my daughter Emma decided she wanted to challenge me rather than have me challenge everyone... so for this challenge, Emma will be setting the rules and creating her own piece while I create a piece of my own.

We'd both love if you would join in too!

The challenge will run through November - well that's when we will be posting weekly updates, but you can do as much or as little whenever you want. You can complete it all before viewing our November posts or if you need help, follow and work alongside us, either way works.

This week we will be presenting the rules (below) so you can get a head start if you want to. I am yet to start, but have a few thoughts after seeing the set of rules Emma has supplied. Emma has challenged me even further stating that I must not use the same elements, techniques, colors and numbers of fabric, or perspective vision as she is using!

Rules for Emma's November Blog Challenge

Create a small quilt (page size or thereabouts) following the 4 rule points below.

1: Decide on TWO natural elements that work together - one for the foreground and the other for the background. Your background element does not need to make up the full background of your quilt but must cover the majority of it. The foreground element should not take up more than half your quilt. For example, you should be seeing at least half your background element. 

2: Select TWO different techniques to use, one for each element. For example: piecing, raw edge applique, foundation piecing. 

3: Select one perspective of those given below that your element will be seen from.

  • Looking Up (ie: laying on the ground looking toward the sky)
  • Bird's eye view (ie looking down from directly above)
  • Elongated vision (ie tunnel view where everything in the middle is at a distance and sides are close)

looking up

birds eye

bird's eye view

tunnel vision










4: Fabric Amounts: Each element must be constructed using the following number of fabrics

  • Background Element: 5-8 fabrics
  • Foreground Element: 1-4 fabrics

So this is Emma's challenge to me. Of course, you can use the same as Emma's selection (which I will present next week) if you want, but I have strict instructions that I cannot.... and to keep this fun, you can break any of the rules any time as long as it gets you thinking outside the box and a little creative!

Let the fun begin!

By the way, yes Emma is a quilter but being a mother to two young girls she doesn't find as much time to quilt as she would like to, however, has managed to design a quilt or two. Here is her favorite!

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  • Hi Ruth, your daughter makes an interesting challenge! I have been working on a bird’s eye view. New direction for me ya! Thanks again for an interesting challenge. Virginia

    Posted by Virginia, 06/11/2018 8:59am (3 years ago)

  • A new learning experience

    Posted by Marcy Courson, 31/10/2018 11:51am (3 years ago)

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