November Challenge Week 3 - my work

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barbara trillium on background clutterToday Barbara who is also working on this challenge shared a photo of her progress (right). She is creating a bird's eye view of a trillium on forest clutter. How awesome is that? I cannot wait to see what else she comes up with.

Now for me, it is time to make my flower. I had a lot of fun creating the background so decided to use the same technique to piece my fabrics together ready to cut the flower pieces. I used all four fabrics as when I turned over the darkest fabric, which I intended to use for the flower center, it had lovely orange colors in it. I did need to be a little selective where I cut!

ruth w3 1fourth fabric

With the pieces patched together, I am ready to make my flower using Upside-Down Applique.

ruth w3 2fabrics joined

Remembering I am not to cover more than half the background, I decided to make the flower in the top right corner so it will not be a full flower but rather part of one. I started by drawing a flower onto fusible interfacing.

ruth w3 3sketched flower

I pressed the interfacing to the wrong side of my background...

ruth w3 4interfacing on back

... then carefully positioned the flower fabric on top of the background to cover the petal section I wanted to stitch first.

With the fabric pinned in place and orange thread in the bobbin, I stitched the first petal using free-motion following the drawn line on the interfacing thus the whole piece was upside-down and hence the name of the technique.

ruth w3 5first petal stitched

Now you can see why I needed the orange thread in the bobbin!

ruth w3 6first petal stitched front

On the front, I trimmed away the flower fabric close to the stitching. I'm not worried about it being so close to the edge because I intend that to be covered by the binding in any case.

ruth w3 7petal trimmed

Moving right along, I repeated this process for each petal carefully positioning the fabric each time by holding it up to the light so I could see the fabric was covering the area to be stitched.

ruth w3 8holding fabrics up to window

Here's how it looks with all petals in placed and trimmed back.

ruth w3 9petals trimmed

The last piece to be added is the flower center which I added in the same way, using the dark section of my fourth fabric.

ruth w3 10flowercenter added

With all the sections added, it was time to remove the paper interfacing from the back.

ruth w3 11removing interfacing

While on the back, I also trimmed away the background leaving 1/4" seam allowance or less. This will reduce the bulk. Having gaps between each petal looks rather neat... perhaps I could have made my flower like this instead!

ruth w3 12background cut away

Back on the front again, I used a tiny zigzag to stitch over the raw edges of the applique shapes to finish them off.

ruth w3 13zigzag petal edges ruth w3 14zigzag finished

 That's it for another week. How are you coming along with yours?

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