November Challenge Week 4

Posted by on 26 November 2018 | 1 Comments

Over the weekend, Emma set to and finished off her challenge piece. Here's how she got on...

Task: To Quilt and finish off

To complete my piece I wanted to add some quilted leaves. I used the same leaf design and made a freezer paper template to stitch around using free-motion quilting. I drew three and cut them out then used them to get an idea of placement.

emma w4 quilting templates

After a bit of 'warming up' I went about quilting my first leaf.

emma w4 quilted leaf

I added several more both on the river bank and on the Bargello river.

emma w4 quilting finished

Mum snapped a photo of me busily quilting on her machine.

emma w4 quilting

To add some further interest to the piece I wanted to add some beads but before doing so I asked mum what else could be ued to enhance the water. She suggested Angelina fibers. This is the first time I have ever worked with this. Mum had a few to choose from - I found a very pale blue one that I thought would work well. I didn't want it too thick so just used a few fibers placing them between two pressing sheets and then gently pressing them to bond the fibers together.

emma w4 angelina fibres

I place the bonded fiber over the water section and pinned it in place. Mum said it would have been better to do this before I did the applique and quilting so that's something to remember for next time.

emma w4 angelina fibres pinned

I will use the beads to hold the fiber in place and then trim along the river banks and leaves so the fibers only cover the water area.emma w4 angelina fibre trimming

Just a few more beads and the final trimming and I'm complete!

emma w4 finished

My finished quilt


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  • So pretty! Very nice challenge. I would have joined in, but I had company for our holiday and had no time to slow down and sew!

    Posted by Claudia W, 27/11/2018 1:39pm (1 year ago)

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