November Challenge Week One

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The November blog challenge has started. I posted Emma's challenge rules last week and we have the entire month to complete it (or longer if you need). Each week I'll be presenting both Emma's and my work. Join in the fun so I can add yours too!

This week is the first of our presentations so I'll be listing our choices and showing our selected fabrics. Remember Emma's extra challenge to me? My elements, fabrics, and decisions have to be completely different from her choices. She has already pulled me up once as I happened to pull one of the same fabrics she was using!

Emma's Choices

  • Elements: Water for the background. Leaves for the foreground.
  • Techniques: Bargello & soft-edge applique (my mother's favorite technique so she cannot uses it!).
  • Perspective View: Bird's eye.
  • Fabrics: 6 for the water and 1 more to finish the background. 1 for the foreground.

 Emma selected a few different choices for her Bargello which will make up the water background:

emma fabric choice1emma fabric choice2 emma fabric choice3

A selection of color groups for Emma's Bargello section

When she has decided which group she will use, she will decide on one more fabric to finish off her background.... she also chose one multicolored fabric for her foreground element.

emma foreground fabric

Emma's fabric for her foreground element

Ruth's Choices

  • Elements: Sky for the background. Flowers for the foreground.
  • Techniques: Modern Piecing & Upside Down Applique.
  • Perspective View: Looking up.
  • Fabrics: 8 for the background. 4 for the foreground
ruth background fabrics

my background fabrics

I liked how Emma sprung that little trick on me by using a multicolored fabric so she only required one fabric for the foreground. I can use that trick to my advantage to extend my colors for my foreground element too! That dark color on the end has some interesting colors underneath!

ruth foreground fabrics

my foreground fabrics

 If you'd like to join in, we'd love to see your fabrics too. Drop me a note below or find me on facebook.

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