August blocks

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This month I am going to include instructions for three 6" blocks that can be used on their own or included in previous blocks. You may remember the May block

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A Simple Foundation Pieced Snowflake

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block7 Sedonas starWhile constructing last week's blog about Tricks and Tips for foundation piecing, I happened to be looking through EQ's block library and found a simple foundation pieced snowflake - perfect for my Christmas Block-a-thon. Actually it is the Sedona's Star block but I think it looks more like a snowflake myself so I printed out a foundation for a 6" block on paper ready to get started. Note: 6" blocks can be used in Anita's Christmas quilt too.

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June's Christmas Block

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block6For this month's block I used a 5" block from EQ8 and adjusted it to make it suitable for a 12" block. I'll use four different fabrics but you could easily make it scrappy if you wanted. Let's get started!

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May's Christmas Block

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This month's Christmas block I wanted to keep simple and the reason for that is because I wanted to be able to dress it up with alternative ideas. I chose a block with a 6" center so that when we make some 6" blocks later, we could include one as the center for this block. Here is the block....

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Original Pieced Snowflake

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block4 finishedThis block I designed prior to our Covid-19 lockdown... and I must add here, that even though we need to stay home during this time, things are busier than before for me! Often I'm just too tired to sew and this was the case last month, but today we have reached level 3 and with that comes a bit more energy so I felt comfortable in tackling this detailed snowflake block.

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A March Signature Block

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This month's block has been delayed until now, and even then, it wasn't the block I planned. When I get started with these things, they seem to run wild in my head and get more detailed by the minute...  So I put my detailed block on hold for a month or two and went with something a little simpler, well so I thought...

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Foundation Pieced Christmas Block

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This month is fast coming to an end and I realize I haven't made my Christmas block! Since I enjoyed working with EQ last month, I decided I would use it again but this time to create a foundation pieced block. I was thinking along the lines of a Christmas tree so I played around and came up with this block...

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Creating a Block in EQ8

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Since last week's Christmas block, I've been asked a number of times how to design the block in EQ8 and/or if I have a copy of the file.... so this week I decided it would be good to show you how to draw your own blocks and a few tips I used along the way to make the drawing easy. 

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Christmas Block-a-thon block 2

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For this week's blog, I decided to play with EQ8 to design my own block. It's easy to start with a block and move some lines around however it is always best to start with the size you intend using so you don't get funky cutting instructions. For example, if you want a 12" finished block, don't play with a 5-patch block. On the other hand, a 6" block would be fine because you can double it to make 12".

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Christmas Block-a-thon - Block 1

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I know it is a bit late for thinking about making a Christmas quilt, but I figured if I started now, then I might have it done by 2020. You see, I just love Anita's Christmas quilt and the great thing about it is you can make blocks as you like then later put it all together. That's what I am planning on doing.

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