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This month I am going to include instructions for three 6" blocks that can be used on their own or included in previous blocks. You may remember the May block


May's Christmas block

and the March Block.


March Block

Both can include a centerpiece.

Two of my centerpieces are going to be applique and one will be a pieced star. You can easily sub any of these out for any other 6" star blocks or other Christmas blocks. Since the center of the March block is 7" square, you can also include blocks this size or add a small 1/2" border to a 6" block. So many options! Of course, applique makes it even easier.

Pieced Star Block: For my pieced block, I'm including instructions for Ohio Star. The instructions actually include 9" and 12" blocks as well as the 6" block. You can download the pattern here: Ohio Star block instructions

ohio star block

Ohio Star block

Applique Snowflake: Just because we have some pieced versions already, I wanted to add an applique block as well. Of course, you can make several snowflakes and add them to a 12" square for the larger size if you want.

Here's how I made the applique snowflake: I started with a 5" square of fabric and fusible - you don't have to be accurate with your 5" and it can be smaller if you wish. Tip: cut the fusible ever so slightly smaller so you don't need to align the edges.

block8 applique snowflake fabrics

fabric and fusible

Press the fusible to the back of the fabric square and remove the backing. Then fold it in half.....

block8 applique snowflake fold1

fabric square folded in half

then quarter, and then 8ths.

block8 applique snowflake fold2

Left: folded in quarters; Right: folded in eighths

Now I used sharp scissors to cut out bits around the edges including the center point. 

block8 applique snowflake cutting

cut around the edges

All that I need to do now is unfold it to reveal the design.... and everyone's will be different!

block8 applique snowflake design

A snowflake!

With the snowflake cut out and fused, I can place it on a background square or finished block and stitch around the raw edges. I'll use my favorite method of stitching to sew it in place - you know mine is free motion, what's yours?

block8 applique snowflake stitched

Snowflake free-motioned stitched onto my May block

Applique Stars: I decided to applique my other block with stars and drew up some various sizes. While doing this in Inkscape (free open-source software which I teach in an online workshop) I became a little sided tracked playing with shapes. This 5-pointed star easily became a 9-pointed star and before I knew it an incredible flower shape with a star inside! What fun I had.

block8 applique star fun

Having fun in Inkscape

But back on track.... I used various sized stars to create a 6" block. The stars range from 1" - 3" in size so I drew a number on fusible ready to cut out.

block8 applique star pieces

fusible stars ready to press onto fabric scraps

I arranged several around 2 sides of the square, pressed them in place and stitched them down. Using a darker thread around the outside really made them stand out.

block8 applique star stitched

stars stitched

I'm including a pdf of stars for you to download. It includes various sizes of the 5-pointed star I used, various sizes of 8-pointed stars and a couple of extra fun stars I created while playing.  All these designs can be used for either applique or quilting. Download the file here: Star Templates

Happy Stitching!

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