June's Christmas Block

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block6For this month's block I used a 5" block from EQ8 and adjusted it to make it suitable for a 12" block. I'll use four different fabrics but you could easily make it scrappy if you wanted. Let's get started!

Note: I'm using fat eights for this block so cuts mentioned below are not the full width of fabric stripes.

From Green: Cut ONE 3-1/2" strip. From this strip cut off one 2-1/2" square then cut the rest of the strip into TWO 1-3/4" strips.

From Red: Cut ONE 2-1/2" strip. Cut this into FOUR 3-1/2" x 2-1/2" rectangles and FOUR 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" rectangles.

From Print: Cut ONE 3-1/2" strip. From this strip cutt off FOUR 3-1/2" squares. Cut the remainder into TWO 1-1/2" strips and from these cut FOUR 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" rectangles.

From Background: Cut TWO 1-3/4" strips
                            Cut ONE 3-1/2" strip. Cut this into FOUR 3-1/2" squares

Looking at the block I can see several units that are made the same so we will start there. 

Four-Patch Units

There are EIGHT of these and the easiest way to make them is by joing the strips together. You will need the two green and two background 1-3/4" strips. We actually made these in the last block - just one difference, you'll need to cut the units into 1-3/4" units NOT 2" as we used in the previous block so refer back to Piecing These Four-Patches if you need to remember how to piece them.

Cut SIXTEEN 1-3/4" sections to join together in pairs

You will make 8 of these little four-patch units.

block6 4patch finished


Quarter Square Triangles

Pair the Background and Print 3-1/2" squares together with right sides together and raw edges even - light fabric on top. You will have four of these sets of pairs.

Draw a diagonal line through the center of each pair of squares (only required on the top light piece). Sew 1/4" each side of the line, then cut along the line. Press seam toward the darkest fabric. You will end up with eight quarter square triangle units.

block6 half square triangles

1: draw & sew each side 2: cut 3: press 4: trim (8 units made)

At this point, I always like to lay out all the sections so I can see that each unit is facing in the right direction. I've included all pieces even those not assembled, to ensure the block looks correct before proceeding - it is easy enough to change something now if I need to and it is really easy to sew on a piece wrong - so having it laid out, helps tremedously.

block6 layout1

Sections laid out to form the block

Next, join the corner units. Start by joining them in pairs, then join the pairs together. 

block6 corner units

Corner Units

You will end up with four of these units.

Place them back into position and check they are right. I ended up sewing one half square triangle wrong even with them laid out correctly!

block6 layout2

Pieces laid out correctly

Other Pieces

The center strips could also be made into units but we only need four so I've cut the pieces individually. You will need the red rectangles and the print rectangles. Join them together with the print fabric between one large and one small red rectangle. 

block6 strips

4 strips needed

Joining To Complete the Block

Now we are getting to the end, just a few more seams.

Sew the three units in each row together pressing the seams toward the red fabric - this will help butt up the seams.

Then finally sew the three rows together to complete the block.


Finished Block

I hope you enjoyed making this new block - I sure did! 

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  • Yes sorry for the typo! I fixed that.

    Posted by Ruth, 23/06/2020 2:42pm (12 months ago)

  • Reading through the instructions, should the GREEN first cut be 3 1/2”, rather than 3 1/4” to get two strips @ 1 3/4”? Thanks!

    Posted by Jill MCCaughey, 23/06/2020 12:39pm (1 year ago)

  • I am confused. In the first instruction for the green, it says to cut a strip 3-1/4” and ...2-1/2 sq... and then cut rest of strip into two 1-3/4” strips. Wouldn’t the original strip have to be 3-1/2” instead of 3-1/4”? Thank you.

    Posted by Katie, 23/06/2020 8:04am (1 year ago)

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