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Spring Challenge - part 1

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It's been a while since I did a blog challenge so over the next few weeks I've put together a challenge for you and my students in "Getting Started with Quilt Art" for a bit of extra fun. I hope you'll all join in!

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Make a Quilt Label for Printing

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bargello blues label exampleMost people have Microsoft Office on their computer, but unless you purchased it with your computer, you may not so I decided to add a tutorial for those who haven't. You can download OpenOffice which is similar to Microsoft Office for free and it may not be quite as good, but it does just as good a job when it comes to making a quilt label... and in some cases is better for some things.

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August Applique

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The flower for August is Gladiolus - such a beautiful flower in so many colors. When I made my collection of flowers, I definitely included a gladys as we often call them, but this week I decided to make a second block using pink instead of my original red.

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Quilts for the City of Atlanta

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Happy to say that Elizabeth Barton, one of our teachers, has recently had several quilts purchased by the City of Atlanta for their public libraries...  including an abstract quilt. Elizabeth has two abstract quilt classes one of which is Abstract Art for Quiltmakers (starts Friday) that focusses on women abstract painters. The class covers a lot of ground for there are many different kinds of abstraction

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Applique Isn't Just for Quilts

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My jeans have been annoying me for a while. You see, I splashed a little detergent of some sort on them and it blenched a white spot in the middle of my thigh so now every time I wear them, I feel like they are dirty! Probably no one else notices, but I certainly do.

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