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May's Christmas Block

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This month's Christmas block I wanted to keep simple and the reason for that is because I wanted to be able to dress it up with alternative ideas. I chose a block with a 6" center so that when we make some 6" blocks later, we could include one as the center for this block. Here is the block....

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Coming Through Lockdown

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We are back to Level 2! When I first wrote about lockdown back in March, we were in Level 3 heading quickly into Level 4. Level 4 was hard. Basically we had to stay home, kids were home, adults were home, everyone was home. There was no going out unless we absolutely needed to and only for medical or groceries, and then if you went to the grocery store, only 1 person was allowed in per household.... And there was literally no online shopping either which really made it tough. You couldn't get anything when it came to sewing or crafting supplies... and not even any stationery supplies for the kids. Fortunately, there was a limited supply available through the grocery stores so things like coloring pencils, copy paper, and the likes were picked up there. Level 4 went on for 4.5 weeks and they seemed very long weeks. I went nowhere!

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Quilt As You Go - How to Insert a Quilted Block

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Most of my applique blocks are quilt-as-you-go because I prefer to do the applique stitching through all layers and it is just so much easier to quilt small blocks than it is a large quilt. My flower blocks which have added stitching are all done this way. After launching my new flower block quilt "Flower Garden" I had a customer ask "how do you add a layered block into a pieced quilt design?" .....I decided to share the answer here on my blog.

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A Flower Garden Quilt

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Over the last week, I have been finishing off my "Flower Garden" quilt pattern. Coordinating the fabrics was the most fun and wording it in the pattern rather than referring to color makes it easy for you to pick your own set of fabric colors. Note: To learn more about color choices, I can highly recommend Elizabeth Barton's Color Course - it has a wealth of information and exercises to try.

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