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I joined in the Jam Jar challenge that is being run with our Quilt U Alumni group this year. The idea of the challenge is to get projects completed or started that have been on the back burner so seeing as I have a lot of blocks floating around, I decided it was time to do something with them. My Jam Jar is full of blocks that I want to get completed for 2015. They will be made into small gifts such as oven cloths, cushions or totes.... or if they turn out really well, perhaps I'll add to them and make a whole new quilt.

The first block I chose for the challenge was the a Mosaic Block which I made back in May 2013. 

star block

Being only a 6" block, the first thing I wanted to do was enlarge it so it was somewhat of a decent size to work with. I turned it on point and added setting squares, then a 2" border. This brought it up to a 12" block squared

Of course, now the Mosaic block appears way too small for its surrounding so I needed to enhance that background to create some character. I decided to quilt in a star. First I drew it up on freezer paper - just a quarter of the star - then cut it out and pressed it in block quilting1

I started quilting around the points of the star first and also around the colored part of the Mosaic block quilting2

Then added a double stitching on the four large block quilting3

Next I quilted right around the outside to hold the edges in place and keep it smooth for the background quilting I wanted to do... I found I needed to pin this even though I was using the walking foot as the layers were a little unstable and moved. Probably the spray basting adhesive would have been a good idea to prevent that!

You can also see how I changed thread color from gold to blue for the small star points which you might not have noticed block quilting4

Then I used an elongated zigzag design to quilt down the background outside the star to make the star pop. Another reason to quilt the outer edge first was so I had a 'bounce-off' block quilting5

So here is my finished block with binding added. finished star block

The great thing about this quilting design is that it can really be added to any 12" block and works great on a 6" block that is built up to 12" like I did. So I figured I should draw up the template so you can use too. Just add your email address below and I'll send it through to you.

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  • Love the way you quilted the star pattern. So clever!

    Posted by Elaine, 14/03/2015 9:31am (6 years ago)

  • Awesome, thank you.

    Posted by Jan, 05/02/2015 5:31pm (6 years ago)

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