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Today I was cruising around Jennifer Houlden's blog and looking at all the work she has done in the past six months on her blog. Good for you Jennifer, you have produced a whole lot of interesting and informative blog posts. I pulled a couple of her blocks (with her permission of course) to show you. Click on the links under each photo to get the instructions on how to make the blocks.

I love star blocks. Star Puzzle is a wonderful block to make. I love the contrast in colors that Jennifer used.

Find the block instructions here: Star Puzzle Quilt Block

I really like the fact that Jennifer used black and white tones for Granny's Choice block. I've always wanted to make a black and white quilt but never quite got there. Maybe Jennifer's block will inspire me. I have all the fabrics.

Find the block instructions here: Granny's Choice Quilt Block

Happy Quilting!

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