Grandmother's Puzzle part 2

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Here is the second part of Grandmother's puzzle - the advanced construction method. In the first part we made the following units. If you missed them, you can go back to yesterday's post - part 1.

Units made in part 1

So for the second part of this block I will make the remaining sections and put it all together. Let's get started.

Fold the last large triangle (main fabric) in half along the diagonal cut to find the center of this side. Mark it accurately with a pin or fabric marker on the wrong side.

Mark halfway along diagonal edge

Position a small background triangle on top of the large triangle so the diagonal edges are even and the corner points are aligned evenly together. Turn over the pair of triangles and sew to the halfway mark on the large triangle. Do not sew beyond this point.

Sew only to halfway mark

Back on the other side, fold the point that is not sewn on the small triangle back over the seam making sure the diagonal edges still align neatly. Finger press in place pressing firmly.

Finger press point firmly

Place the second small triangle on the other half of the diagonal edge.

Add remaining triangle

Flip triangles over to sew with large triangle on top, this time start at the center point being careful not to catch the stitch in the previous section. Stitch this second half of the diagonal seam. Turn over again and press the point of the small triangle back over the seam just sewn.

Press tip back

Important: Press entire seam toward large triangle.

Press seam toward large triangle

It is now time to add the outer sections to this unit. You need one of the first rectangle units and one background rectangle.

Outer sections ready to add

Start by adding the background rectangle to one side of the large triangle aligning the square ends. Notice how the point of the triangle extends beyond the rectangle.  

background rectangle is added first

Stitch it in place, then add the rectangle unit making sure the adjoining seams are pressed in opposite directions. Add the remaining background rectangle and rectangle unit to the unit with the center square.

This is how they all look laid out in position ready to join.

all units complete

Add the two small units first. One to each side of the unit with insert seam.

add small corners first

Next with both sections positioned, flip the small unit over onto the larger unit, matching one side so raw edges are even. Sew this first seam with the larger unit on top. Stop the seam directly on top of the halfway mark. This should be 1/4" from the end of the small unit.

do not sew beyond halfway mark

Now comes the tricky part. Twist the small unit around to align the two raw edges of the remaining seam. You may need a pin to hold it in place. Start stitching from that halfway mark (arrow in photo) and complete the seam.

Twist raw edges together to complete last seam
(seam stitched in photo)

Press the seam away from the center square. This is how the center looks on the back.

Wrong side

Congratulations, your Grandmother's Puzzle is complete.

Grandmother's Puzzle quilt block

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  • And a darn SMART Grandmother she is! Fantastic Ruth :)

    Posted by Elaine, 20/03/2013 3:18pm (8 years ago)

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