Martha Washington Star Block

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Martha Washington star is another block in Carol's class Anatomy of a Block and one I was yet to make until today. It uses many of the techniques I've already shown here on my blog. I use autumn fabrics today. I must be into autumn fabrics lately because that is what I used for Clay's Choice block last week too.

pieces cut ready to start

The units used are flying geese units

flying geese unit

and quarter square triangle units.

quarter square triangle units

Carol uses a great technique to make the quarter square triangle, however if you only want one block, you have some units left over. You will end up with four of each unit shown below. Can you see the difference?

quarter square triangle units

Here is a different method where you only make the units required to complete the block. You will be sewing some bias seams however.

Instead of cutting TWO medium and TWO Medium light 4 1/2" square, you only need ONE of each and you'll only need TWO 4" dark squares instead of FOUR.

On the med-light square you will need to draw two diagonal lines through the center. Place both 4 1/2" squares right sides together and edges even then sew as shown below, stopping at the lines.

making quarter square triangle units

Next cut along both lines and press the triangle units open. No need to trim here. To help prevent the bias seam stretching, I placed two units opposite each other on top of one dark square and sewed the diagonal seams (1/4" each side of the cut).

sew both sides of the cut


I did the same for the other set. Now I have the FOUR units required for this block.

The flying geese units have different colored ends. Make sure you match the dark triangle to the dark in the quarter square unit. I usually audition them first to make sure I have it correct. 

audition the pieces before stitching

For details of how to make the flying geese unit see my signature block.

Now all I need to do is piece them together to complete the block.

Martha Washington Star

It turned out better than I thought! I'm thinking this would make a beautiful fall quilt.


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