Mosaic Block part 2

Posted by Ruth on 14 May 2013 | 1 Comments


Last week I made a mosaic block. I created the block by forming horizontal rows as shown by the dotted lines below.

Jennifer suggested making the block in turquoise and orange so I decided to do just that, this time creating the block different - in diagonal rows as shown with the black dotted lines.

Here are the two fabrics I picked. The photo doesn't show it as turquoise so well, but it is.

Making diagonal rows requires different cuts. This time I'm going to need:

  • ONE 4 1/4" background square cut through the diagonal twice
  • ONE 2 5/8" background square
  • ONE 3 3/8" background square
  • TWO 2 1/2" colored squares cut through the diagonal once
  • TWO 3" colored squares cut through the diagonal once
  • ONE 3 3/8" colored square

The only unit we need to make is this one. To make them you'll need the 3 3/8" squares and the 3" squares cut through the diagonal.

Start by making half square triangles. That is, draw the line through the diagonal and sew 1/4" either side of the line and then cut along the line.

Press open the block and then cut through the other diagonal to make two equal triangles, half of each fabric.

Pair each one these units to the colored 3" triangle and sew them together to finish the unit.

Now you are ready to lay them out on the design wall or table. Make sure you have those units facing the correct way.

You can see that this is impossible to sew this together in horizontal rows. Instead you will have five diagonal rows - that's counting the two small triangle on either side. 

Piece the center row into a strip and press the seams away from the units.

Then piece the rows on either side of it making sure you match the square end of the triangle to the corner of the unit. Sew with the unit on top to prevent stretching.

Press the seams toward the triangles.

Now lay the rows out again.

Then sew them all together. You will notice how easily the seams butt together. That's a little easier than matching the points as we did in last weeks construction.

Finished Mosaic block

Next week, I'm going to compare the two constructions to see exactly where they differ and which method was easier. See you then.

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  • Great colours Ruth and I love the construction method.

    Posted by Jen, 14/05/2013 6:31am (7 years ago)

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