Mosaics Continued

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Over the last two weeks I made two Mosaic Blocks. They were the same block but I made them differently. Today I want to take a closer look at them and see what makes them different.

The first difference was the way they were constructed. The first block was constructed in horizontal rows and the second was constructed in diagonal rows.

horizontal rows

diagonal rows

The second difference is where the bias cut edges ends up. Study the two images below to see the difference. The double headed arrows indicate the straight of grain on each piece.

arrows show straight of grain on first block

arrows show straight of grain on second block

What does this mean? When sewing a bias edge it can very easily stretch out of shape thus the block may end up crooked. By positioning one straight of grain edge with a bias edge, there is more stability and less likely that a seam will stretch. Take another look at the blocks. Notice in the top block there are many times when two bias edges are sewn together. In the second block, only the center seams of be unit has the bais seams together. Seeing as we can square the unit to accurate shape after this seam is sewn, it really is a better method of construction. 

The third difference is that in the second block there is no diagonal seam points to match up as in the first block.

matching point on diagonal seams on first block
no need for this on second block

It is much easier to make those points accurate.

point on first block isn't quite as neat

point on second block

Just for fun and because Carol told me she was a sucker for red - here you go Carol. I used the diagonal row construction.

Red mosaic block

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  • Love the cherry pattern on the fabric. Thank you

    Posted by Carol, 21/05/2013 7:08am (7 years ago)

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