Fall Legend jigsaw

Posted by Ruth on 1 January 2014 | 0 Comments


Happy New Year everyone! So it is the new year and technically the 365 day blogging challenge is over, but you know what, I just had a tad bit of writing withdrawal. I had told myself I was not going to blog post today, but here I am anyway.

With all the blogging posts I've written, other things have been a little neglected so this year, I'll be doing a little less blogging and catching up on the things I'm behind on, like, upgrading this blog to a new CMS. 

But that's not going to happen today and I figured I'd just share this fun jigsaw with everyone instead. The quilt is called Fall Legend (it's on my 'get it quilted' list). It was designed by Anita Eaton, her pattern is called Crystal Charms. It was such a fun pattern to make and I think just as much fun as a jigsaw. Enjoy!

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