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Posted by Ruth on 23 October 2013 | 0 Comments
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While out walking I found this beautiful leaf just waiting for me to make a quilting design from <grin> I had to pick it up and carefully carry it home, being an autumn leaf it was rather delicate. I love the colors in it, but more importantly, it was the ideal design that I was looking for to quilt on the quilt I'm currently working on.

When I first started this design I figured I would just eyeball it and stitch where I thought I should good. It was by no means perfect, in fact it really needed a lot of work if that is how I was going to make this quilting design.

Since I didn't have a lot of time to perfect it, I decided to trace it onto freezer paper instead. I cut that out and pressed it onto my quilt sample, then quilted around it. Now there's a big improvement.

Remember the fabrics I pulled Monday for my tablerunner? I am thinking I could reduce this design and use it there instead of the applique. Thinking that and looking at the colors in the leaf, I decided to try a variegated thread to see how it looked on the background fabric. I also reduced it some.

I'm not sure I have the correct thread yet, may have to work on that for the tablerunner, but the leaf is perfect for my other project.

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