Machine Quilting 44

Posted by Ruth on 30 October 2013 | 0 Comments
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Day 44 in quilting... I'm sure if you know anything at all about quilting then you have heard of feather quilting. Today I have a photo of a feather. Of course it doesn't look anything like the feather quilting design.

I started out by stitching a regular feather quilting design.

Then I altered the feather shape to become more like the feather in the photo where one side is smaller than the other. 

That was fun so I went on and created another feather on a curved center line. A little more difficult to get it looking great. 

I decided to stitch one more feather, this time confined within an area. It was interesting how much easier it was to control the curls.

I had fun exploring feathers this week. Definitely want to keep going with these. That's for another day.

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