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Pretty much every day I am on the computer using some sort of graphics, text or photos. Every day I write in some form (blogs are a good example), so I thought why didn't I think about this as a quilting idea before. Fonts. Selecting the right fonts can make excellent quilting. I decided to target one word and write it in one of my programs.

I figured that was appropriate since Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I looked at the font I normally write with (above) and thought I was going to need to do a lot of stopping and starting to quilt a word like that so knew it would be better to select a font that linked the letters. I found a few.

Of course, I could have just written the word by hand and used that as a guide too. I'm not quite as straight at the computer though.

To do the actual stitching, my "T" was separate from the rest of the letters, but I just dragged the thread across to the top of the "h". I did likewise with the dots for the letter "i", creating them after I'd finished the word, just like I would when writing with a pen. 

It looks better when trimmed.

The straight line is easy to do. It's a little more difficult to write on a curve as you can see here, where my letters are not all straight. I jazzed this one up a little and added stars as dots on the "i"s.

While I was looking through the fonts, I found this one which I thought would work well too.

This makes the word much bigger so I only stitched the "Thanks" as I ran out of space on my sample.

Another idea would be to quilt inside each letter which I did using different designs. I used straight designs (with free-motion) on every other letter and a meander or stipple on the remaining letters.

The last letter "S" was meandered with little stars. Here's a closeup. Those stars are small!

You could also do a similar thing by quilting outside the letters instead of inside them. That would make the letters pop up. I'll leave that for another day. Have you used letters in quilting?

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