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Posted by ruth on 20 November 2013 | 0 Comments
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Yesterday I gave out my ripe for yummy pumpkin soup, today I'm going to use that same pumpkin as a quilting design. I used a straight bird's eye view of the top of the pumpkin to create my design.

I started out with a simple wavy circle  and lines going inward to a small circle. I stitched it all in one continuous line going along the inward lines twice as I went around the inner circle.

For the next sample, I did a similar thing but this time I made the center circle off center and I added extra inward lines.

Then I came up with a completely different idea. I didn't want the lines of stitching touching so I made it appear like a stencil leaving small gaps between the wedges of pumpkin.

I decided to add one more line of quilting to echo the entire shape.

I think now it looks more like an orange slice, but either way, it's still a pretty cool design. I think on a larger scale it would look really good filling in some block centers. My design only ended up about 3" wide.

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