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This week's photo is a little difficult to see, so it would be easier to go in search of one and study it. I'm talking about a cobweb. We all have an idea of what one looks like, but have you really studied one up close? They are amazing. You can see how interwoven they can be.


I used the cobweb on this fabric (from my November stitch along challenge) as inspiration to quilt my project last weekend.

cobweb fabric

Now I can share with you how I went about doing that. I started stitching along the border edges first and then the straight lines out from the corner. Each line was stitched twice.

quilting starts with the straight line radiating out from the central point - in this case, the top right corner

Then from the center I went out along the border until the starting point of the first round. Each section is stitched in an arch between the straight lines. I started off very small.

start the rounds close together

You can see the arches better in the second round.

make the round curve between each line

Each time I add another round, I increased the distance a little from the previous.

Increase the distance a little each time

Then I just kept on working out until almost the tips of the straight lines.

Work out almost to the tips of the straight lines filling the area

The metallic thread gives added interest. You can do the same thing in a full circle. The straight lines out from the center don't have to be the same length or even. I think they look so much more realistic when they are not.

These are fun to make, give it a try.

These were fun to create and stitch. Give it a try!


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